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Covid 19 Secure

The future of our world is changing. Businesses have been given more responsibility to look after their employees, visitors, clients, and customers by ensuring they are COVID-aware at all times.

Long before COVID-19, digital transformation in the workplace was taking place around us and the team at Aura have been working to bring state-of-the-art digital solutions to businesses across the world. The current crisis has only accelerated the need for change, opening our eyes to an advanced future and a new way of living.

Becoming COVID-secure isn’t just about implementing additional signage or practising social distancing. It's a long-term transformation that integrates non-touch technology, allows detailed analysis of occupancy status and visitor movements, and changes the way we interact with each other and the spaces around us.

With or without COVID-19, digital transformation was happening, it just so happens that only now we realise the importance of why it must be done today. Reimaging your workspace futures, today.

Creating a workspace that confronts
the challenges of tomorrow

Customer Counting

Provide a safe and welcoming environment for your customers by keeping a measure of the number of people within your premises, no matter its size or purpose. By gaining an accurate understanding of occupancy levels using real-time sensors, you can free up your employees' time, increase productivity levels and see the benefits to your bottom line.

Occupancy Sensors

We will not be returning to the same workplaces we left earlier this year and businesses will have a greater responsibility to ensure their employees and visitors are safe. Monitoring occupancy levels is vital to ensuring social distancing can be achieved, while also offering detailed insights into high-traffic areas, popular arrival times, and meeting room availability.

Non-Touch Technology

As we adapt to new ways of working, hands-free technology is pivotal to a successful digital transformation. Allowing staff to control their environment from their phone, by scanning their badge or through voice activation offers a greater level of efficiency and safety for your employees. Authentication can also be used for full document management, including printing, scanning, or photocopying without having to touch the device, adding an extra layer of security to everyday processes.

Allocated Seating

The rise of co-working and community workspaces can make the prospect of remaining COVID-secure a little more difficult. Allocated seating can help reduce the spread of the virus and makes hot-desking, communal meeting rooms and canteens accessible while remaining safe. Program scheduled seating plans, allow car park space reservation and allow lunchtime bookings to reduce the need to share unnecessary space.

Queue Communicator

Additional queueing has become a part of a COVID-secure future. Ensure your visitors are kept informed about key information such as wait times, new safety procedures upon entering the building or social distancing reminders while preventing the over-population of high traffic areas such as till points, entrances and changing rooms.

Appointment Pre-Booking

The ability to pre-book appointments offers your customers, clients and visitors a greater sense of control. Pre-allocated visiting times will reduce congestion within your premises whether it’s an in-store appointment or business meeting ensuring plenty of opportunity to social-distance and carry out additional cleaning between appointments, creating a safer, more comfortable environment for everyone.

Automated Sanitise Stations

Protecting your employees, clients, customers and visitors is of utmost importance as steps are taken to reopen the workplace. Automated sanitise stations powered by motion sensors dispense sanitiser without the need to touch any surfaces. In addition, screens can be integrated to display occupancy levels, social-distancing reminders and other COVID-secure messages to improve safety within any retail, hospitality or corporate environments.

Hybrid Mail

A letter may be handled by multiple people before it reaches its final destination, increasing the risk of cross-contamination. Protect your employees, your customers and yourself with Aura Mail, a hybrid mailing system that makes sending professional mail easy, secure and safe. Free up time and money within your organisation, increase productivity and see improvements to your bottom line.

Digital Invoicing

Long before COVID-19 disrupted worldwide business, digital invoicing was already becoming commonplace in back-office processes. Thanks to the increase in speed and convenience, digital invoicing frees up time and allows a shift in focus to more advanced tasks that require manual support. By adapting now, you can future-proof your business, retain and grow your customer base, and start your digital transformation.

QR Codes

Although QR codes have been accessible for a while, it's only recently that they've become a core part of the digital transformation process. By providing visitors with the ability to control digital displays from their mobile devices eliminates the risk of spreading the disease through touch. Allow control over menus, promotions, product specifications, video demonstrations and more for a unique, yet powerful, customer experience.

The power of workplace technology
is at the heart of everything we do.

It fuels progress, solves problems and accelerates digital opportunities than can transform businesses.

By preparing a digital roadmap, your business can future-proof itself against further rapid changes, COVID-19 related or not.

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